Delivered By
Andy Harrison
Delivered On
May 14, 2017
Central Passage
Deuteronomy 6:4-9

1.  We have a recognition to make and a duty to perform.  We must recognize that we serve the one true God and a duty to love Him completely.

2.  We have a rememberence to observe and a devotion to possess.  We must remember the works of God and devotion to possess a heart to do his will and keep His commandments.

3.  We have a responsibility to embrace and a deligence to pursue.  We have a responsibility to faithfully pass on our faith in Christ and we must be deligent to teach.  Here is what we must teach:

  • Our committment to Him must be a mirror reflection of His committment to us.
  • All good things we have come from Him.
  • That His commandments are for our good.